About Marcus W K Wong


So you’re reading this about me (awesome!).

As a way to get to know me better, you’re probably wondering first and foremost, who am I and why is Marcus W K Wong Head of Partnerships and Marketing of the Warrior Forum?

Well, let’s be real for a moment.

I started out working for Freelancer.com as an Account Manager who would pair amazing freelancers (some new, some from the Preferred Freelancer Program) with Employers around the world seeking for the right person to help them with their website, their logo, their SEO and even to walk their dog (you think I’m kidding but I’m not).

So how does a guy who’s helping someone he’s never met find someone else he’s never met to walk their dog, go from that – to the Head of Partnerships and Marketing?

The answer is simple: I never stopped falling forward.

Now I live very heavily by two forces in life, one as I’ve mentioned above is:

If I fall, only fall forward.

The other force I live by is ‘carpe diem’; otherwise known as ‘Seize the day’.

There’s nothing really quite like it. You get impulsive but at the same time you learn at an exponentially rapid rate. You force yourself to react to what’s around you simply by what you know – that is the process of falling forward. You push yourself with everything behind you to drive your self into the next growth tier, the next level of ‘being driven’ but you also don’t allow yourself to decay.

So by perpetually falling forward, I can pretty comfortably say ‘I fell into the job’ because I grinded through the sweat, blood, laughter, tears, late nights, weight gain, weight loss and everything in-between.

I fell forward into a new industry. I fell forward from Account Management to Business Development. I fell forward from Business Development into Marketing, and I’m falling deeper into the rabbit hole that is online marketing because that’s what I choose to live and breathe everyday.

So how did I go about taking on an entire community and face them as a fellow marketer? As I said, it was the two forces of falling forward and seizing the day.

Reactive learning has taught me to learn on the fly. It’s not impossible to ‘get somewhere in life’. It happens all the time and as much as I’d like to say this is a Cinder-fella story, the truth is it’s not. It’s everything of a Cinder-fella story and then some.

Coding, joint ventures and affiliate marketing all turned into second nature because I relentlessly focused on learning as much as I could in the shortest amount of time. I took onboard everything I knew additional to what I was learning and I practiced it till I could breathe effortlessly. With a photographic background, I already had some sense of design and combined with a long 7-8 years in the photographic sales industry, It was just a matter of using that as a force to push me into the next step forward.

So what’s my advice for anyone looking to amplify their career and start all over again in another industry?

Stick to what you know and trust what you know works. If you’ve successfully done something in your industry, truth is – it’s more than likely to work in any other industry.

I remember for 3 years I was criticised by colleagues for emailing every single client when I was working in sales – and I would ‘keyword’ the subject lines just to ensure it was a memorable interaction for the client incase they forgot my name (because let’s face it, a consequence of ‘shiny new object syndrome’ is far more memorable than the guy who sold you said ‘shiny object’).

Now, I email 1.2 million marketers every day. Over 500 million emails sent in last year alone and it works because I trusted what I knew from my previous job. That’s just one part of my job where I’ve had to push and trial. Because there’s no such thing as a dead-end failure.

Want to know me better? Simply email me or find me on LinkedIn.

Happy days!