Thought of the Day #001: How many of you are there?

Here’s a thought for you:

How many of you are there?

There’s the you at work, the you with family, the you with friends, the you when you’re alone… right? Plus several more in some instances.

So in accordance with that logic, either the world has 400%+ of you, OR there is only 25% of the ‘real’ you in existence.

It’s an interesting concept that we naturally adopt over time in order to please people we don’t like, with characteristics that aren’t true to who we are in life. We walk, one step at a time building a persona around an identity that has the guaranteed survival rate of zero.

Nothing. Zip. Squat. Sweet f*ck all.

But in absence of us, attempting to discover ‘who we are’, we dislodge the opportunity time and time again in every instance that we go against ourselves. That’s not to say pleasing someone else, or making sacrifices is not a characteristic or personality trait. I’m an advocate of qualifying these two traits are the largest self-reflective devices that we can nominate to determine who we are as a person when we need it, want it or have it shoved down our throats.

Just imagine for a moment, that instead of having parallel versions of yourself with minor differences, that you were actually a product of Apple. Let’s simplify it and say you were an iPhone.

Instead of relying on a particular version of yourself (you at work, you with family, you with friends etc..), you were – and are – all in one of the same? An ever-changing biological compendium with a very specific set of qualities. These qualities that you possess, are burdened with micro-adjustments every single time you needed to make a decision.

Can you imagine, if Apple is up to iOS 11, what mental operating system are at?!

Either we’re still stuck at iOS 4 on 7 different devices – or we’re at iOS 28 on one device. The same principles apply, and if you’ve matured yourself through the 4 variants of who you are into separate identities, then at what level can you be identify a separation between who you are – and what you could be?