I started a joke.. which started a Podcast.

No joke (pun intended).

3 months ago, I was talking with Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics.com and during our monthly catch ups, one important question sparked “what do they put in the Bondi Beach Hurricanes Bar & Grill barbecue sauce?”

We went through it for almost 20 minutes, trying to work out if there’s smoked apples, or toffee, or a specific blend of worcheshire sauce… it literally got to us that we couldn’t figure it out.

It was that mindblowingly good that we even considered that they added crack to it… and that’s when it started. A simple joke I threw of “oh man, this is hilarious, we should totally record a podcast of this.”

and then IT happened.

It was as if a bright spark suddenly went off in my head.

People could actually get some ideas out of this. How to get people talking about your brand, building that loyalty and earning that unique position in someone’s mind where you’ve ‘burnt in’ a memory.

Nothing is more powerful than a positive experience about your brand. It could come from anywhere, anyone, and at any time. But what kind of power does a positive memory of you (or your business) possess?

You are permanently instilled as a life changing experience.

You get those signals of virility.

You get referrals.

Your business, is the causation of your consumable product, to become a subscription.

Catch my drift?

Like how cars are subscribed to petrol. How a home is subscribed to electricity, how people are subscribed to food and water.

These thoughts, triggered an entire conversation about what it means to be ‘brand loyal’ and the message it leaves with every encounter.

You can hear the very first episode of the Warrior Forum Podcast, with Dennis Yu as my first guest – of what is an incredible journey.

Tune in now to listen: